Moving From Another Country

Purchasing real estate in the United States can be especially stressful if you come from a country that has different real estate laws or if you are a citizen of another country. We understand that and want to make sure you fully understand the process and your rights and responsibilities as a potential property owner in Central Florida.

We can connect you with reliable, honest, professionals to help with all of the different steps of buying a home. Here are some of the types of professionals with whom we have established relationships.

  • LENDERS – mortgage brokers & banks that can help you find a way to pay for a home (in the U.S., most people do not have enough money to buy a house outright. Most people need to get a loan that is paid back over 15 to 30 years).
  • INSPECTORS – in the U.S., you are allowed to inspect a home before purchasing it. We can connect you with professionals who check for problems with electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC systems, mold, the roof, the pool, the irrigation system, the septic tank, well, and any other major system that may merit investigation.
  • HOME INSURANCE AGENTS – your home is one of your biggest investments. If you get a loan, you will have to purchase insurance so the lender’s investment will be protected if something happens. We can connect you with professionals who will treat you fairly and give you the coverage you need.
  • TITLE INSURANCE COMPANIES – as a buyer it is essential to make sure that the person selling you property actually owns it. We make sure your transaction is properly insured so that no one can come back later and try to take away your property.
  • UTILITY COMPANIES – often utility companies as for your social security number to set up service. Sometimes, you don’t have one. We will work with you to make sure that after you purchase your home, you can turn on the lights and water.



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